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Sure! Please reach out using our contact form and we will sign you up for a free demo.

The price is a flat rate of $25/player and $100/hour. So an hour for 6 players is $250, while 2 hours for 6 players is $350.

Robots are controlled via PC or Mac using your mouse and keyboard. The view of the robot is projected onto your screen, so you can see everything your robot sees.

Full instructions will be provided when you book. 

If you follow the instructions you should be set up and ready to go in under 5 minutes. 

You will have a literal blast! After connecting to the bots our host will guide you through the controls and let you get to grips with the handling of your bot. We will then do some races, battles and strategy games. At the end of the event we will collate the scores and offer prizes!

Yes! We use Zoom or Teams for voice chat- whichever your team prefers

We can host teams of 6+, with 70 being our largest group to date. Players take turns to control the bots, and when not playing, can watch the livestream and join the voice chat. Our current capacity is 18players/hour. 

Yes! We can host players from anywhere in the world. You simply need a computer and internet connection that meet the minimum requirements.

It is in the pipeline. Please email us at hello@portalbots.ca to register your interest

Rats! Well you better get in touch with us via our contact form.



The robots are real, the thrill is intense, and you’re in control as you race and battle other robots, in real time, from your computer.